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Step-By-Step Lawn Care

A Step-By-Step Lawn Care Guide

Here are five simple lawn season steps to have a beautiful yard. Like other maintenance jobs, if everything goes smoother we'll get better results with proper preparation. Taking the right steps early in every season will ensure a green and beautiful lawn. A well-maintained lawn always returns 100% or more of your investment.

1. Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control – Early Spring

Applied by middle of April. Balanced granular fertilization with crabgrass control. Giving two applications in one.

2. Fertilizer w/Broadleaf Weed Control – Late Spring

Applied by middle of May. Balanced granular fertilization with herbicide. This is a weed suppressant lasting 6-8 weeks.

3. Preventative Grub Control w/Fertilizer – Early Summer

Applied by July 4th. Balanced granular fertilization with insecticide. Gives a barrier for grubs to prevent root damage.

4. Slow Release Fertilizer with Mesa – Late Summer

Applied by middle of September. Balanced granular fertilization with slow release. Lower nitrogen releases slower in high temps giving you protection from burns.

5. Winterization – Late Fall

Applied by middle of November. Balanced granular fertilization with high nitrogen stimulating roots before dormancy. For early spring recuperation.

Our Donation Partnership Program

Enviro Lawn Services donates $50.00 in your name when you sign up for our ELS Lawn Maintenance Program. We can also do an additional 5% of total sale for any special project. You can select one of our partner organizations:

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